Politics around the pool was a hit!

 Watch for our next event!

Should be around Halloween

Will the ever popular costume party be back?

check back and see.

Special offer:

Bring a new, first time guest – Receive 10 Free door prize tickets!

Contribute by mail!
Please send a Personal Check or Money Order payable to: 
Greater Reading PAC 
19 Spring Lane, Fleetwod, Pa 19522
Attend an upcoming fundraiser!


Why donate through the Greater Reading PAC – rather than as an individual?

1. Through our PAC, the candidates will clearly know why they are getting an endorsement and contribution(s). They understand what progressive issues are important to all of us and that active, politically attentive people will be holding them “accountable” for their stated positions after their successful elections. Our issues are explained both on our web site and then during our face-to-face candidate interviews. And as a PAC, we will usually have more “clout” than an individuals with a $25, $50 or $100 check would have on their own.

2. We support local candidates who have been interviewed and selected for their good, progressive Democratic politics. But we also evaluate the “electability” of a candidate – considering the candidate experience, current and potential funding, campaign staff, area voter registration, and other items. It may be quite difficult for an individual donor to evaluate the electability of a candidate.

3. And especially in “off-year” elections, we will be working to identify local candidates – at the borough, township, & city level – who deserve our support. This will allow us to help develop a progressive “farm team” of locally elected Democratic officials – and a source of candidates for future county, state and federal elections. 

4. When you contribute and attend a Greater Reading PAC event, you get to enjoy an evening of great food and beverages, meet local and regional candidates/officeholders, and engage in political discussions with local progressive Democrats – plus 100% of your  contribution will go for our endorsed candidates.